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We are about to finally launch Petloc II!

Pre-order Petloc™II for the early-bird price of £35 today.
Click BUY ONE to link to our eBay shop for Petloc I or CONTACT to pre-register for Petloc II.

Petloc Security Features

- 2 mm 7 core plastic coated steel cable stitched into the fabric ensures the lead is chew and cut resistant
- Solid not split d rings ensure the extra strong doggies stay put
- Solid metal swivel piece ensures the lead and collar parts work smoothly
- Custom-fit collar area makes for a
- High quality custom made combination locks

NB. For security reasons the collar size is made to order in the factory. Petloc is therefore not suitable for growing pups.

* Please note - Petloc is primarily a security tether for dogs. Although it can also be used as a collar and lead for walking your dog it is not recommended for strong dogs or dogs who lunge or pull on their lead.

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Size & colour

The Petloc II lead comes in one colour (black) and any size. The original Petloc is still available in ML limited quantities on our eBay shop.

Not suitable for growing (puppies) or very small dogs. Please carry where necessary! 


At Petloc we are animal people, and since you're considering buying a Petloc for your dog we guess you are too, which is why you'll be chuffed that for every Petloc you buy we donate 10% of the sale price to the wonderful charity that is Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. 


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