Petloc II The Next Generation. Is here!!!

Ten years ago Petloc™ was the first combination lockable dog leash on the market and though we love the design, we knew there was always room for improvement. Nothing major, little tweaks, but ones we hope you will all love. Hence Petloc II. It's been in the offing for a while (try two years!) and now we've run out of the original Petloc™ product, and the problem hasn't gone away (new figures compiled by the Blue Cross animal welfare charity show a significant rise) it's time to remanufacture this proven system and get our pets protected against theft again.


So what's new?

 Quite a lot actually.

  • Locks have a safety non-reset button so your chosen combination stays fixed and can’t be inadvertently re-scrambled.

  • Higher grade galvanised 2 mm pre-coated 7 core (7x7) steel wire makes the lead even harder to cut through.

  • Longer turns on the steel cable have been added to ensure the steel wire stays firmly in place.

  • D rings are welded not split - no pulling free all you strong doggies.

  • A 3M reflective strip sewn into the lead increases visibility on roads on night walks. (And looks rocking.)

  • Collar is sized exclusively to your measurements of your individual dog’s neck (to the closest inch). This ensures a snug fit and a potential point of weakness around the screw rivet is removed.

  • This time round it's manufactured using 25mm High Tenacity Polypropylene cushion webbing. Silkier!

  • And lastly, we're bringing the manufacturing home (from China). While the locks will still be made in Taiwan, (the market authority on this sort of hardware) the new webbing will be woven, packaging printed and the version II lead assembled here. On British soil. Yay!

so can i have one?

Yes! Yes you can. Click the GET ONE button on the banner or here to get connected to our listing on Kickstarter, where you will be asked to ‘pledge’ which basically means put an order in. We have limited numbers at the early-bird price so go there as quick as poss. the listing also only lasts for 35 days so if you want one, now is the time.

Bear in mind we have no plans in place to stock product so for the here and now this is the ONLY way you can get one of these leads. And believe me, they are great! Our UK manufacturing company has done a beautiful job - it’s the lead I always wanted it to be. Finally.