Image with thanks to photographer Emily Macaulay

Why do I need Petloc™ ?

In the last ten years dog theft has become a significant concern worldwide forcing owners to seriously consider their pets’ security. Sources have claimed that dog theft incidents have grown by 40% in the last year in the UK.
All major dog organisations have advised owners against leaving pets unattended in public or in vehicles as a precaution against theft. Sometimes this precaution is not possible.
Petloc™ provides peace of mind simply and effectively, without complicated operating systems or separate items - no keys to lose.
Petloc™ should be incorporated into your daily routine offering protection for your dog when you need it most, outside shops or in vehicles. Why leave your pet vulnerable?

Criminals are cashing in on stolen dogs by either selling valuable pedigrees on for huge sums or forcing heartbroken owners to pay ransoms for their animals’ return.
— Stuart Winter, Daily Express
We’ve had cases of cars being broken into and nothing taken except for the dog.
— Jayne Hayes, DOGLOST.CO.UK

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