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Maybe you didn't know it before but Petloc is about to change the way you walk your dog. Or rather it's going to allow you not to change the way you walk your dog.  

Pet theft is a very real concern to dog owners and has led to a change of routine for many owners. Rather than taking their dogs with them on errands on the way to and from their daily walks, the threat of pet theft has caused owners to avoid leaving their dogs outside shops or in parked cars for fear of theft or straying. Petloc was developed by a pet owner for use in exactly these circumstances. Petloc helped her regain peace of mind. It can help you too.




This is the why and where, what it is and how it works. Intrigued? Want to know more about the Petloc Security Dog Lead? 

Read on.


Already made up your mind? Your friend has one and you want one too. Someone came into your pet shop and requested one? Just KNOW it's going to take you from sad to happy? Well …unfortunately we have almost entirely run out of stock. At least in SM size. Run out. But do not despair. We will be launching pre-orders for Petloc II - the brilliant update to the original very soon. Contact us with any queries regarding this new edition or  

Click here to go to our eBay shop to purchase one of the few ML we have left of the Original Petloc.


All banner images kindly shot by photographer Emily Macaulay