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Petloc is a revolutionary dog lead designed to protect pets against theft and straying.

Unlike standard leads, which can be easily untied when dogs are left unattended, Petloc™ incorporates combination locks at both ends and steel cable along its entire length to secure your pet outside shops or in vehicles and protect against theft or accidental release. Clip the handle lock to the lead forming a secure loop around lampposts, gates or railings, or the moulded parts inside a car. So Simple, quicker than tying a standard lead!

Petloc™ is a one piece security dog lead with locking dog clips at the handle and collar ends.

Petloc™ is an outstanding dog lead, offering invaluable protection against dog theft and straying.

Petloc™ is lockable at both ends and incorporates steel cable in the lead to prevent it being cut through easily.

For all the moments they can’t be by your side. (diagram and picture is of the new Petloc II)

Protect the dogs you love simply and safely outside buildings.

Protect the dogs you love simply and safely outside buildings.

And In cars.

And In cars.


When should I use Petloc?

Petloc™ should be incorporated into your daily routine offering protection for your dog when you need it most, outside shops or in parked vehicles. Why leave your pet vulnerable?

Simple to use, very quick to operate, dogs are secured in seconds ... Clip, lock and go!

I have got a lovely beagle who I regularly take to Hampstead Heath but I would never leave her tied up without Petloc. It is fantastic. I highly recommended it. It is our innovation of the month.
— Claire Livingstone, GOOD HOUSEKEEPING

How good is Petloc? 

  • Petloc™ is easy to use.

  • Petloc™ II comes custom fit for your dog. No adjustment necessary.

  • Petloc™ makes tethering simple and much safer.

  • Petloc™ works as a dog lead or a secure tethering device.

  • Use unlocked and clipped to your pet’s own collar, harness or choke chain.

  • High quality materials and manufacture.

  • You will wonder what you did before Petloc™.

We think your product is sensational. We would be more than willing to put our good name behind such a product. We are presently receiving 1.2 million hits a week from people who are concerned about the risk of pet theft.
— Jayne Hayes,
This really is a marvellous product that will make every dog owner feel a little more secure.
With the number of dog thefts rising Petloc have the solution; the canine equivalent of a bike lock.

— Ann George, DOG WORLD

Petloc™ I currently costs £25 - only available from our shop.
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